Inspiring Explorers' Expedition 2019

Connecting young people with the spirit of exploration.

Credit: Sylvie Admore

2019 Expedition - Antarctic Peninsula

Our 2019 Inspiring Explorers' Expedition to the Antarctic Peninsula sees our largest group ever joined by New Zealand Olympic kayaker Mike Dawson.

The expedition will take place from 2 March to 17 March 2019; including travel time from New Zealand and back. Our Inspiring Explorers will fly to Ushuaia, Argentina. From there the group will travel to the Antarctic Peninsula from South America aboard a One Ocean Expeditions vessel. 

Kayaking in Antarctica

Antarctic Heritage Trust wants to connect young people with the spirit of exploration by providing opportunities for them to go out and explore the world, to get them off their devices and out of their comfort zone.

This trip will offer people a chance to push themselves, to connect with experts, and learn about the history, science, wildlife, environment and legacy of exploration in Antarctica. Participants will discover the spirit of exploration in the world’s most extreme environment and experience the spirit of the early polar explorers; a remarkable legacy the Trust cares for on behalf of humanity.

An iceberg seen in the Gerlache Strait.

Meet the 2019 Inspiring Explorers

They are accomplished photographer Alexander Hillary (Sir Edmund Hillary’s grandson); living kidney donor and freelance camera operator Leah Stewart; Wellington communications specialist and mum Rosanna Price; Christchurch learning advisor Georgina Archibald; and photographer and sound specialist Marco de Kretser, from Auckland.

The group will join two students, Lana Kiddie-Vai and Mele Fetu'u, and a teacher, Caragh Doherty, from Sir Edmund Hillary Collegiate on the expedition in March.

Find out more about our 2019 Inspiring Explorers.

2019 Inspiring Explorer team


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