Credit: William Pike

In February the Trust’s Executive Director Nigel Watson led four young people on the adventure of a lifetime to attempt a guided ascent of Mt Scott on the Antarctic Peninsula.

The team for our second Inspiring Explorers’ Expedition was selected from almost 100 applicants. Aside from the opportunity for young people to visit Antarctica, this programme was created to inspire people to explore. It was a privilege to lead these inspiring young people to help them connect with the early polar explorers and Antarctica’s rich history. All of them challenged themselves in the true spirit of exploration.

Through this expedition these young people both celebrated and, in their own way, embraced the thread of exploration of the famous early polar explorers, including Robert Falcon Scott, for whom Mt Scott is named. Given we care for Scott’s legacy through the conservation of his bases at Hut Point and Cape Evans it was poignant for the team to reflect on explorers like Scott and the differences in travel, conditions and gear that his team faced.

It was satisfying to achieve our goal of an ascent of Mt Scott, particularly given the challenges at times of route finding. Thanks to our Kiwi guides Sean and Kevin and the partnership with One Ocean Expeditions that made this so successful.
Each of our team is now delivering a comprehensive outreach programme. Their mission is to inspire people through sharing their adventure and encourage others to explore in a way that’s meaningful for them.

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Nigel Watson
Antarctic Heritage Trust Executive Director


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