Inspiring Explorers Expedition 2017

Antarctic Peninsula and Mt Scott

Antarctic Heritage Trust Inspiring Explorers Expedition 2017

Antarctic Peninsula and Mt Scott

Antarctic Heritage Trust is a New Zealand based charity with a vision of inspiring explorers. One of the Trust’s strategic goals is to encourage young people to explore the world to educate and inspire them. The Trust is providing an opportunity of a lifetime in February 2017 for up to four young New Zealanders to participate in a heavily sponsored expedition to the Antarctic Peninsula. Weather and conditions permitting the team will attempt a guided ascent of Mt Scott. This expedition follows on from the success of the Trust’s inaugural Inspiring Explorers Expedition which crossed South Georgia Island via the Shackleton route in late 2015.

What is the expedition purpose?

This expedition aims to encourage:

  1. young people to explore the physical world to educate and inspire them
  2. those participating to inspire others to explore

Mt Scott, Antarctic Peninsula

What does the expedition involve?

The Trust’s partner is respected Antarctic tour operator, One Ocean Expeditions. This expedition will be part of their existing scheduled 11 day commercial tour, Antarctic Peninsula Adventure, to the Antarctic Peninsula from 15-25 February 2017 from South America aboard Akademik Ioffe, a 117m vessel which caters for up to 92 guests.

It will involve flying from New Zealand to Buenos Aires and on to Ushuaia, Argentina. From there the team will travel aboard the Akademik Ioffe to the Antarctic Peninsula before returning to Ushuaia and flying via Buenos Aires to New Zealand. Whilst aboard the ship, members will effectively be ambassadors for the Antarctic Heritage Trust. The expedition will include a representative of the Trust who will lead the trip and the ascent will be guided by IFMGA qualified mountain guides. Access to the climb itself is highly dependent on weather conditions and the ship’s itinerary which is always subject to change.

Mt Scott itself is an 880m peak rising from the ocean on the west coast of Graham Land. It is named for Captain Robert Falcon Scott, whose historic Antarctic huts and legacy the Trust cares for. The intended route to the summit is via the glacier to the right of the peak in the image above. It is heavily glaciated but not overly technical (NZ alpine grade 1+).

Departure date from New Zealand is 13 February returning on 28 February 2017.

Captain Robert Falcon Scott

What are the key skills I need?

You don’t need to be an accomplished mountaineer. Beyond having sufficient outdoor competency and a sense of adventurous spirit, the defining factor will be your clear plan to honour, share and encourage the spirit of exploration in others. You should clearly outline in your application how your will both inspire and share your experience with others – be it the public, your peers, the media – and the expedition sponsor, Antarctic Heritage Trust. This may take any form you wish and we encourage you to think creatively. Some of the more obvious include one or more of social media postings, digital filming, photography, talks, lectures, exhibitions.

Who is sponsoring this?

The majority of the expedition costs including international travel are funded by Antarctic Heritage Trust as part of our commitment to inspiring explorers. The Project is supported by One Ocean Expeditions. Participants will be required to make a contribution towards the cost of their involvement in the Expedition.

What do I have to pay?

If selected, you will have to make a contribution towards the cost of your participation and meet some incidentals. Details on what you need to cover are detailed in the Eligibility Criteria and Expedition Member Obligations

When do applications close?

Applications closed on 9 November 2016.

When do interviews take place?

Interviews (in person or by skype) will take place on Tuesday 29 November 2016.

I don’t qualify. How can I participate?

You are welcome to consider joining One Ocean Expeditions small-ship expedition to the Antarctic Peninsula and support the Trust’s aim of inspiring explorers.

One Ocean Expeditions is inviting members, supporters and friends of the Antarctic Heritage Trust and the expedition team to participate in the expedition by joining the scheduled commercial trip. Travel would be at participants' own cost and start at USD8,795. One Ocean will donate USD$500 of the cost of a full fare trip to the Trust for any bookings made in connection with the Antarctic Heritage Trust’s Inspiring Explorers Expedition 2017.

The One Ocean itinerary for the Antarctic Peninsula Adventure and Akademik Ioffe fact sheet are available here.

Follow the expedition

If you are not able to join the Antarctic Heritage Trust’s Inspiring Explorers Expedition 2017, you can follow it online on the Trust’s Facebook page.

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