Take a look at what we’ve been doing to conserve each expedition base in our care

Credit: A Shepherd

Scott’s Hut
Cape Evans, Ross Island

British Antarctic (Terra Nova) Expedition 1910–1913

In 2008 the Trust commenced a comprehensive seven-year conservation programme to save the site. In 2012 the Trust completed a five-year carpentry conservation programme, weatherproofing the building and making it structurally sound.  In 2015 the Trust completed the seven-year artefact conservation programme, conserving more than 11,500 artefacts on site. A maintenance fund has been established. 

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Scott’s Hut
Hut Point, Ross Island

National Antarctic (Discovery) Expedition 1901–1904

In 2015 the Trust completed a two-year programme of conservation at Discovery Hut to weatherproof and repair the building. More than 500 artefacts were conserved over the 2014 winter by artefact conservators working at New Zealand’s scientific research facility, Scott Base. A maintenance fund has been established.

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Shackleton's Hut
Cape Royds, Ross Island

British Antarctic (Nimrod) Expedition 1907–1909

After two years of planning, in 2004 the Trust commenced a major four-year conservation programme to secure and weatherproof the building and conserve the more than 6,000 artefacts. Work was completed in 2008 and an annual maintenance and monitoring plan was put in place.

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Borchgrevink's Hut
Cape Adare

British Antarctic (Southern Cross) Expedition 1898–1900

The detailed planning, including the preparation of a Conservation Plan and Implementation Plan, required to save this site and its 1,100 strong artefact collection has been completed. The Norwegian Government through the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is helping fund the implementation works.  A four year programme of work commenced during the 2015–2016 season.

If you would like to learn more about Carsten Borchgrevink, please view the Trust’s bi-lingual website (English and Norwegian) dedicated to his expedition.

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Hillary's Hut
Scott Base, Ross Island

Commonwealth Trans-Antarctic Expedition 1955–1958

In 2012 the Trust signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Antarctica New Zealand to take on management responsibility including conservation and fundraising work for the site. Over the 2016/2017 summer the Trust's team on the Ice restored the Hut and its hundreds of artefacts thanks to a successful public fundraising campaign and support from the New Zealand government.

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