Save Hillary's hut

The Antarctic Heritage Trust is fundraising to conserve Sir Edmund Hillary’s original building at Scott Base and its artefact collection.

In 2012 the Trust signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Antarctica New Zealand to take on management responsibility, including conservation and fundraising work, for the Trans-Antarctic Expedition (TAE) 1955-1958 and the International Geophysical Year (IGY) site (‘Hillary’s hut’/‘Hut A’) at Scott Base.

The site represents the beginning of the modern era of the study of the continent from the Ross Sea region and marks the foundation of New Zealand’s Scott Base.

We have developed a Conservation Plan for the site after consulting international stakeholders. The conservation work will take place over the Antarctic summer of 2016/2017 by the Trust’s conservation specialists, subject to securing the funding.

Raising the New Zealand flag at Hut A (Hillary's Hut) on 20 January 1957. The flagpole came from Scott's Discovery Hut.


                HILLARY'S HUT

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