Reflections from Antarctic Ambassador Chris Ansin

Credit: Antarctic Heritage Trust

When I talk to people about what it is like to visit and live in Antarctica, everyone’s imagination is that Antarctica is an incredibly remote, beautiful and stunning environment.

While no truer words have been spoken, Antarctica has left a very different, and for me, even more special impression. It was the environment that the people created, one of collaboration, hard work, friendship and happiness. Nowhere else have I ever experienced something more powerful than being surrounded by people where everyone was living the life that made them happy.

I feel humbled to have worked alongside some of the most incredible people I have ever met. Al, Lizzie, Geoff and Diana were such an amazing team to work with. It was hard not to feel inspired just working and spending time alongside them.

Chris in Antarctica

Antarctica itself still seems such a surreal place, full of magic and wonder. Stepping into the historic huts flung striking pictures of the struggles of the men no older than myself into my mind. The vivid history of the surroundings envelopes you in emotion, it is impossible not to form a connection. To work on and help preserve the legacy of the heroic explorers that I idolise was such a rare treat and one that I will treasure for the rest of my life.

Experiencing the grandest and most dramatic landscapes on the planet, I am now only beginning to realise the effect that Antarctica has had on me. I am truly excited by the possibilities of life, and feel so privileged to have experienced this amazing continent with the crew from AHT. I definitely have the Antarctic bug!

Written by Sir Peter Blake Trust Antarctic Youth Ambassador Chris Ansin


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