There’s an Antarctic specific occasion which only a few folks ever get to celebrate, and this week AHT’s programme manager Lizzie was one of them – 1000 days on ice!

Over the last ten years with the Trust, Lizzie has spent a winter at New Zealand’s Scott Base, and many summers working at the historic expedition bases of Scott, Shackleton, Borchgrevink and Hillary, as well as work on the Antarctic Peninsula. So that’s 142 weeks, 33 months, 2.7 years, five expedition bases, over 20,000 artefacts, and one magnificent cake made by the fantastic Scott Base chefs.

Lizzie says, "Cheers to the AHT and Scott Base teams over the years – Antarctica is a beautiful and challenging place to work, but the best thing about it is the pride and passion folks here bring to the job."

Conservation team members Martin Wenzel, Lizzie Meek, Nicola Dunn and Mike Gillies celebrate Lizzie's 1000 days on the Ice


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