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The names of Captain Robert Falcon Scott and Sir Ernest Shackleton are as well known today as they were a century ago.  Their spirit of adventure, values and leadership qualities remain just as relevant today as they did then.

As the Ross Sea Heritage Restoration Project gains momentum the Trust has also turned its attention to its second objective: forming strategic partnerships with institutions to educate and inspire another generation to go out and explore and discover.

As part of the initiative the Trust has joined with the Natural History Museum, London to profile the two organisations' strong links to Antarctic exploration and science.  You can follow the lives of our conservators working year round in Antarctica via our blog.

The Trust has also collaborated with the Natural History Museum, London and Canterbury Museum, New Zealand to create a major touring exhibition, Scott’s Last Expedition, to commemorate the centenary of Captain Robert Falcon Scott’s British Antarctic Expedition 1910 – 1913.

Click here  for a reading list or to find out more about online educational resources.

"The bases constitute an immensely rich and powerful legacy... They should be preserved to remind future generations of these astonishing achievements and to inspire them to show similar qualities..."

Kenneth Branagh, Actor.