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Scott's Hut, Hut Point

Robert Falcon Scott’s Hut, Hut Point

Hut Point was Robert Falcon Scott’s first expedition base in Antarctica, established for the National Antarctic (Discovery) Expedition 1901-1904. The expedition included a major programme of science and was a landmark in British Antarctic exploration resulting in Scott returning to Britain as a national hero. His base became an important staging post for every subsequent ‘heroic-era’ expedition. Today Captain Scott’s first base at Hut Point remains a testament to scientific endeavour.


In 2015 the Trust completed a two-year programme of conservation at Discovery Hut to weatherproof and repair the building. More than 500 artefacts were conserved over the 2014 winter by artefact conservators working at New Zealand’s scientific research facility, Scott Base. A maintenance fund has been established.

History of the National Antarctic [Discovery] Expedition

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History of the occupation of Hut Point by other expeditions

Chronology of the site 1902 - 2003

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