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Scott's Hut, Cape Evans

Robert Falcon Scott’s Hut, Cape Evans

The iconic base associated with Captain Robert Falcon Scott’s British Antarctic (Terra Nova) Expedition 1910–1913 and his second, and final, heroic attempt for the Geographic South Pole. The expedition gave rise to some of the most inspirational and harrowing stories associated with polar history. Michael Palin has described it as “one of the great memorials to exploration anywhere on Earth”.


In 2008 the Trust commenced a comprehensive seven-year conservation programme to save the site. In 2012 the Trust completed a five-year carpentry conservation programme, weatherproofing the building and making it structurally sound.  In 2015 the Trust completed the seven-year artefact conservation programme, conserving more than 11,000 artefacts on site. A maintenance fund has been established.

During the Antarctic summer of 2012, the Trust partnered with Google and the Polar Geospatial Center to capture the interior and exterior of the explorer’s bases including Scott’s base at Cape Evans as part of Google’s World Wonders Project.

The history of the expedition

Meet the crew

Occupation by  Shackleton's Trans-Antarctic Expedition 1914-17

Chronology of the site 1902 - 2003

Plan of the hut layout