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Further Reading

The following selection of books, many of them written by the original explorers, provide insights into the heroic-era of exploration and historic events in the Ross Sea region of Antarctica.  


Still Life: Inside the Antarctic Huts of Scott and Shackleton is a stunning photographic study of the Antarctic huts by renowned photographer Jane Ussher. Invited by the Antarctic Heritage Trust to record ‘the unusual, the hidden and minutiae of these sites’ Ussher’s photographs are accompanied by essays written by Nigel Watson, the Antarctic Heritage Trust’s Executive Director and provide a fascinating introduction to the history and atmosphere of each hut. Still Life is published by Murdoch Books.

British Antarctic Expedition 1910 - 13 (led by Captain Scott)

Scott's Last Expedition (the last expedition diary of Captain Scott). Recently reprinted by Classic Travel Books.

The Worst Journey in the World by expedition member Apsley Cherry-Garrard (originally published 1922 but regularly reprinted).

Dead Men by Richard Pierce. A retelling of Robert Falcon Scott's ill-fated expedition to the South Pole, framed by a modern day love story.

Captain Scott by Sir Ranulph Fiennes (published 2003).

Scott of the Antarctic by David Crane (published 2006).

Death on the Ice by Robert Ryan (published 2009). Historical novel focused on expedition member Lawrence ‘Titus’ Oates.

With Scott in the Antarctic: Edward Wilson: Explorer, Naturalist, Artist by Isobel Williams (published 2008).

South with Scott by expedition member Edward Evans (originally published 1921).

Great White South by expedition member Herbert Ponting (originally published 1921).

Antarctic Adventure by expedition member Raymond Priestley (originally published 1914).

With Scott: The Silver Lining by expedition member Thomas Griffith Taylor (originally published 1916).

Diary of the 'Terra Nova' Expedition to the Antarctic 1910-1912 by expedition member Edward Wilson.

National Antarctic Expedition 1901 - 04 (led by Commander Robert Falcon Scott).

The Voyage of the Discovery by Robert Falcon Scott (originally published 1905).

Diary of the Discovery Expedition to the Antarctic Regions by expedition member Edward Wilson.

Discovery Illustrated: Pictures from Captain Scott's First Antarctic Expedition by David M. Wilson, J.V. Skelton, D.M. Wilson and Edward Wilson (published 2001).

Antarctica Unveiled by David Yelverton (published 2000).

British Southern Cross Expedition 1899 - 1900 (led by Carsten Borchgrevink).

First on the Antarctic Continent by expedition leader Carsten Borchgrevink (originally published 1901).

That First Antarctic Winter by Janet Crawford (published 1998).

British Antarctic Expedition 1907 - 09 (led by Sir Ernest Shackleton).

The Heart of the Antarctic by expedition leader Ernest Shackleton.

Aurora Australis (first book printed in Antarctica by members of the expedition).  Recently reprinted by Classic Travel Books.

Trans-Antarctic Expedition 1914 - 17 (led by Sir Ernest Shackleton).

The Lost Men (the saga of Shackleton’s Ross Sea Party) by Kelly Tyler-Lewis (published 2006).

Polar Castaways: The Ross Sea Party by David Harrowfield and Richard McElrea (published 2004).

General Reading About Antarctica For Younger Readers by Meredith Hooper

Antarctic Adventure: Exploring the Frozen South (published 2000) (ages 7-11).

Ice Trap! Shackleton’s Incredible Expedition (published 2001) (ages 7 –11).

Race to the Pole. Hodder (published 2002 and 2007) (ages 8 and above).

The Island that Moved Plate tectonics based on an Antarctic Island (ages 7-11).

The Pole Seekers (published 2000) (novel for ages 8-14).

Tom Crean's Rabbit (published 2005) (for ages 3-7).

Ponko and the South Pole (children's picture book).