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Online Resources

The following list provides links to online educational resources about Antarctica.

EducaPoles   is the International Polar Foundation's site dedicated to teaching young people about the importance of the Poles and climate change.

Encyclopedia of Earth.  A resource about earth sciences and exploration (including a timeline of  the  Race for the Pole, the story of Scott and Amundsen and early Antarctic exploration).

New Zealand's University of Canterbury's Post Graduate Course in Antarctic Studies requires students to write numerous Antarctic related  reports.  Many of them are posted online

Antarctic Hub.   A New Zealand-wide education and outreach initiative which  aims to create greater awareness about the Southern Ocean and Antarctica.

The Scott Polar Research Institute, the Royal Geographical Society and the Alexander Turnbull Library all hold excellent online historical photographic collections associated with the expeditions.

Classroom Antarctica.  An online teaching resource produced by the Australian Antarctic Division.

PBS (an American broadcaster) has a dedicated teachers page. Resources include Sir Ernest Shackleton's 1914 Antarctic adventure and a  learning resource about a group of scientists and explorers who scale Antarctica's highest peak.

Delicious.  This US based bookmarking site provides an annotated list of polar education e-resources.  Resources are tagged by grade level, subject area, and type and includes lesson ideas.

International Polar Year. 2007 to 2009 marked the fourth ever IPY. Thousands of scientists from 60 countries participated in projects focused on the two Poles.   Although officially ended the IPY website is regularly updated.

New Zealand and Antarctica.  Contains a history section  focused on New Zealand's long association with Antarctica.  

"We have shot our bolt, and the tale is latitude 88  23’ South… Whatever regrets may be, we have done our best."

Ernest Shackleton's diary entry, 9 January 1909.